Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Project Chronicles: Movie Night PJs & Simplicity 8803- Vintage

Another completed project for the holidays.  This is the series of pajamas I made during the holidays for the myself and the family as part of my YouTube Series called - "Sew & Chat LIVE with Sew-To-Fit".  In this live video series, I spend time sewing my projects while live-streaming on my channel.  The PJ series, included this white set, I'm wearing, along with the grandchildren's sets.
The grandkids set was made using the Movie Night pj pattern from Sew A Little Seam.
another Simplicity 8803 Pajama Set
Video Links:
Pajama Pants & Shirt- Sew & Chat LIVE with Sew-To-Fit
This video details the changes I made to the top and how I sewed the piped trim around the edge of the front.  

I sewed one pj in this video to demo the sewing of the leg openings along with the use of the trim for the cuffs and neckline.  

Friday, December 20, 2019

Project Chronicles: Burda 8487 (OOP): Wrap Top (Edited)

This wrap top was completed back in late November.  Although, I did my best to blog about it, I failed miserably at trying to schedule out my post using the "Schedule Post" feature.  LOL...On thing I realized: You need to complete writing the post first, then schedule. The process avoids post going live that are merely drafts.  Oh well.... well here is the full review.  Thanks for your patience.
The blouse was one on my list for years, which explains the out of print pattern.  I am still happy I made it after all.  I do like the design, including the 3/4 sleeves and wide "70ish" collar.  The front is faced from the shoulder to the tie-front extensions.  Of course I did a Sew & Chat LIVE with Sew-To-Fit on my YouTube channel that you can follow along with the sewing of this gem.  
The ties, extend from the front where it is pleated first and then the ties extend from there.  The blouse is tied at one side with the under left extension and tie passing through a side seam slit around the back to tie at the left with the front right overlay.  I think this is a really comfy feeling and am really happy with the outcome.

My alterations included a ..
  • full bust adjustment using the pivot and slide method, demonstrated in the video.  
  • I lengthened the waist line as well. 
  • Took out a contour dart at the upper bust via the shoulder. 
***The full description of my changes are here:
The fabric used was a Shirt weight slightly stretch cotton, I had in my stash from (I must have purchased this sometime back, it is no long in stock.) 

I appreciate you all for following and reading my blog...I know I haven't been showing you much love lately.  That will change.  I have a new assistant, she is my alter-ego, here name is Lynn.  LOL.  She has set these post to go live at least one week after the youtube video is posted.  Let me know anytime you have questions about one of the Sew & Chat LIVE with Sew-To-Fit videos, or projects and I'll try and get back to you.  You can leave a comment here on the blog or in the "contact me" section: email.  

I shall see you in the next livestream.  The next few in January 2020, will be on Friday afternoons.  Notifications will show up on my channel... 

Again, thanks so very much for keeping up with my online shenanigans.   
"Sew & Chat LIVE with Sew-To-Fit" are an extension of my custom sewing projects, Private Patron Sew-To-Fit Alongs, and personal wardrobe building projects. ***These live-streams are meant to build community and give me the chance to enjoy my craft in the company of others. Consider these videos an online sewing guild, sew with me, watch or just listen. There may be moments of silence but these is always something to see. Please enjoy 😉 #sewingcommunity #sewingproject #sewinglive————————————

Friday, December 13, 2019

Project & Social Updates: Instagram

Learn to sew while watching a pro work. I'll be sewing live again. This time, Simplicty 8803 PJ and lounge wear for women. The Pattern review and a few fitting tips are usually included in the video with FULL Extended video pattern fitting tutorials available as part of my Patreon Site. ⁠ ⁠ ---FABRIC: Vintage inspired Cotton... It says, “You better like this!.” Lol 😝 @simplicity is going all out on touching our inner sewist with this #fabric which I got from JoAnns. A #vintagefabric and design.⁠ ---PATTERN: Simplicity 8803 Womens Loungewear⁠ ---ALTERATIONS & Size information will be mentioned in the video. ⁠ ⁠ #Instasew #dressmaking #dressmaker �#sewingvlogger #sewingproject #patternadjustments #sewingvideo #youtubetutorial #sewingvlog #sewsocial #imadethis #isewclothes �#handmadeeveryday #sewcialist #sewistsofinstagram #sewingamuslin #sewingismytherapy #sewersofinstagram�#lovesewing #isewmyownclothes�#sewersgonnasew #sewingvintage #vintage ⁠via Instagram

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Marfy-Sewalong2019 LIVE Update and Q&A. Welcome back!!

WELCOME BACK!!! We are looking forward to you coming on live tonight (Sept. 7th @7pm Central) with your questions and chat about the current #sewtofitmarfysewalong as part of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge

---Becki and I will be answering your questions and discussing our upcoming plans for your continued involvement in the Marfy Challenge for Season 2. See you on the livestream!!

Click here if you don't see the video:

Our Marfy Sewalong is underway. Let’s talk plans and answer your questions. #sewtofitMarfySewAlong2019 has begun. Becki and I are back and well rested from a great summer break.

#sewtofitmarfychallenge @sewmuchfabric @sewtofit and @bekichitwood on Instagram to enter the giveaway

Giveaway will be announced on the first week of October.
1- $50 gift certificate from @sewmuchfabric
2- Marfy Catalogue
3- Pattern from Marfy
4- Bonus 1hour Private Fitting consultation with @sewtofit $55 value

Sewalong Videos to watch:

-Part1-Marfy Sewalong 2019 (this video)-Fabric Choices-
-Part2- Fitting tips and grading a single size pattern
-Part3- Sewing the dress 👗
-How to choose a Marfy Pattern size
-Marfy SewAlong Update!! Pattern Discount.
-Marfy SewAlong 2019 Pattern Voting and Descriptions

VIDEOS TO WATCH in Season 1 Series:
2019 Dates
Episode 1 (February 2nd)
Episode 2 (March 2nd)-
Episode 3 (April 6th)-
Episode 4 (May 4th)-
Episode 5 (June 1st)-
Sewalong PATTERN:

Marfy 6180-

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ultimate Marfy Sewing Pattern Haul

I got a really big pattern Haul from Marfy Fashions. I don’t know where to start with all these fun designs. In this video I tried to give you a clue to my thought process and share some of the fabrics I hope to use with these lovely patterns. Who knows, I may just be a hoarder. Check it out.
- Patterns in this video. 
Marfy 1949- Skirt SZ48
Marfy 1948 Shirt SZ46
Marfy 6193 Dress SZ48
Marfy 1864 Jacket SZ46
Marfy 1862 Dress SZ48
Remember, we  are gearing up for another wave of Marfy pattern challenges this fall. Check out the last post about which pattern we’re using for the Sewalong in September.  See what we have gotten and where we are headed with this challenge in the upcoming months. We are shaking up a few things around here, so join in and find out more.... about the “Monthly Marfy Sewing Pattern Challenge"

VIDEOS TO WATCH in this Series: 
2019 Dates

Episode 5 (June 1st)-
*** Hello, I'm Andrea, and I help you to fit patterns, learn and understand basic pattern making skills to improve your sewing journey.  I teach pattern alterations, pattern fitting, and sewing tutorials.

Fabric Sponsored for these video Challenges:

Important Links: 

This a a list of all the items you may see me using in my videos:  It is My Sewing Room Tools List:

***NOTICE****. This is not a sponsored video. In order to help fund my channel, I may sometimes use links that may be affiliates, which means I may receive a small commission for helping you find the things I use in my space and on my videos.  If you choose to buy something by following the link, it doesn't cost you anything extra at all.

Stay in Touch:


For more in-depth classes and videos join the SewToFit Patreon community::

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Marfy SewAlong 2019

Summer break is almost over, and it’s time to gear up for the next season of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge sewing challenge. In doing so, I can’t forget how much your participation has made this whole first season possible!!!  Thank you from both myself and Becki, for making this all worth it and fun!!!

The new fall season of the Marfy Challenges will have more viewer participation, prizes from Sew Much Fabric giveaway and Marfy Patterns discounts plus a new sew-along to help you conquer your Marfy fear!  

To kick off the new season, I’ve created this video as a lookbook of all the pattern selections from Season One. 

Please take this opportunity to select your all-time favorite pattern that you want to sew during the Sewalong. Watch the video, click on the "Voting Link", and place your vote.  You have until Friday 8/16 at midnight CST to make your selection.  

Here are the Season One episode links, in case you need to catch up. 

Episode 1 (February 2nd) Introduction Video
Episode 2 (March 2nd)-
Episode 3 (April 6th)-
Episode 4 (May 4th)-
Episode 5 (June 1st)- 

I'm excited for season 2 to begin!!!! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I’m teaching in Michigan!!!

EDITED TO ADD::  Additional class time for Sunday, 7/14-

I’m on my way out for a vacation and one of my layovers will be in the “Motor City”, Detroit!! By chance, I happened to call the lovely folks at Haberman Fabrics, and from that conversation, came a great big surprise for you all..... I’ll be teaching a short lesson on fit!

Consider my excitement when Patty the owner, accepted my offer to drop in for a quick demo/lecture. And on such a short notice of all things!!
I’ll be demonstrating how to choose a pattern size, as well as explain the three types of fitting methods, and to top it all off, you will have the chance to actually try on a sewn commercial pattern sloper to see just how industry pattern sizing works and discover how to work with their sizing compared to your own.
Registration is required and very limited, so try to sign up early! Click the picture above to register or this link

Saturday, July 13
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM GMT
Haberman Fabrics

Haberman Fabrics, 1060 W 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017 
I hope to see you there!!!  If you can’t make the class, I’ll be hanging around until 2:30pm.  So, drop in and say hello. 

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Fitting of Marfy 6253: Monthly Marfy Challenge Ep. 4-Part 1 (May)

Hello again everyone.  I'm excited to share the latest Marfy pattern fitting discussion.  This dress is the third installation of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge, that I started back in February, on my youtube channel.  I can't believe I have gotten board yet.  I really hope you have enjoyed these post.  I enjoy a challenge, yes I do, and this one was that challenge!
I sewed the Marfy 6253 that you all voted on during the Saturday evening live-stream.  (See details below.) In the above picture, I thought is good to show me in the muslin to give you an idea how my dress looked void of all color.  We tend to see only the fabric in most cases. I did the pattern review on the video from last Saturday's live-stream reveal on my channel.  You don't have to watch, that is quite fine.  Just know it will be a while before I get to the full review here on the blog.

Pattern Description:
This dress has a central fastening, inset armholes, a V-neckline with strip collar, the darts run into the rounded pockets, it has a belt inserted at the side. The pattern is sold without seam allowances or instructions.  To put this together, you will need to give some consideration to paper or tissue fitting or at least putting the paper together in order to see how it goes together.  My process is to put the paper pattern together as I study it before I sew the muslin or the fabric.  This way, by the time I'm ready to sew the garment, I have a really solid idea of how I plan to execute the garment construction.

No matter what pattern I use, I am used to pinning the pattern pieces together to check how they are assembled.  This is my way of learning and understanding or developing a construction order for each of my projects.  Which is why I don't usually use or need the detailed instructions.  I can get away with just simple photos to figure out the construction.  I know not everyone can do that, so I think pinning the tissue paper together is a good habit to get into.

Notice how the pocket bag and the pocket lining differ in size.  The lining is smaller in order to allow for the pocket opening to stand out from the dress.  This makes room for the hand to be inserted without distorting or creating drag lines in the dress itself.  I think this is genius!!!

I cut a size 48 this time around and I glad I did.  I made the changes after using my own pattern block/sloper to test the design first.  I did the test by cutting a similar design from my block and then overlaying the Marfy pattern to check where I need to make the necessary changes which would match the fit of my own pattern block.
This is a view of my Sew-To-Fit pattern block redesigned to match the Marfy pattern design lines. I aligned the center front in order to check the bust location and the neckline depth.

After analyzing the overlay, I decided to do the following adjustments....
  • I lengthened the waist by 1 inch. 
  • The v-neck was raised by 1 inch using the pivot and slide method and the 
  • FBA was added used the pivot and slide method.  (Video demo to follow later.)

This pictures shows the final changes made before cutting the muslin/toile'.  You can see the front v-neck has be raised as well as the FBA was integrated into the new cut of the pattern.  (The white is the Marfy and the yellow is a tracing.)

My Sew-To-Fit pattern block used to check the sizing of the Marfy pattern against my size.  I cut my block to match the Marfy design lines.

You can see the FBA done on this waist dart, and the princess dart extension is lengthened as a result of the FBA and changes with the width.

The dress design was complicated no doubt.  But, I felt it easier to use my own pattern block to test the fit.  Doing this method saved me a ton of time trying to fit the pattern from scratch.  I have done all the work fitting my block a.k.a. TNT.  This is what a block is for, plus I saved on all the excessive muslins, and FBAs.  I made the pattern paper changes, cut and sewed the muslin and then made any additional changes to the paper pattern before cutting it out of the fashion fabric.  I based the entire garment together before finalizing the seams. 

If you are a more visual person, I have a video to fully demonstrate the process that you will receive notification for when I upload it to the channel
You can learn more about the Marfy Challenge and why I started it, by reading the first blog post here

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Episode 4: Pattern Review and Reveal- Marfy 6253 and Marfy 6180

Today is the day for the May Marfy challenge reveal.  Becki and I will be reviewing our April Marfy sewing projects on Episode 4, tonight, Saturday, 

I had a great time fitting this lovely dress The April’s pattern for me was Marfy 6253 and for Becki, it was Marfy 6180. We will be doing our "Sew-N-Tell" tonight on my YouTube Channel, LiVE at 8pm Central USA.  Don't forget to set your reminders, so you can come and vote on next months' challenge pattern and weigh-in on how you feel about the makes.  We really do love having you live to chat with us.

This challenge has been educational and fun, and has taught me a great deal about how Marfy patterns are drafted. I have serious respect for their attention to details and the small, almost unnoticeable fitting details they have hand drafted into these patterns.  Some of the lines are so minor, but make a great deal of difference.  If you don't pay attention you would easily cut out these fine details while cutting the fabric.   I can't imagine these fitting points being easily drafted into a pattern using a computer. At least, in my opinion, not quickly.  

To watch tonight's Episode 4- Click this video link here to set your reminder.👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽  👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽.   It will work anytime after the Live Air date as well.  Leave a comment to say hello on the replay (#hotr).

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Studio Update: 4-27-19: Sewing Projects, Patreon, and Weightloss Chat.

This Sewing Studio Update is a discussion of my current sewing projects and personal thoughts regarding the sewing community and sharing sewing and fitting tutorials compared to classes and ecourses.  What social media and YouTube is all about for me and how I want to share with you regularly without restrictions and problems posed on the social platforms.  It's been a while since I've done a studio update and chatted about what's really on my cutting table.

I also discuss a little about my Club Sew-To-Fit( and the use of a new platform, Patreon.  Patreon is only the platform I have decided to move my current Club Sew-To-Fit Membership to, instead of the one I have been using for the last 3 years.  Here is the video link:

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fitting of Marfy 5124: Monthly Marfy Challenge Ep. 3-Part 1 (April)

The Monthly Marfy Challenge is still going strong.  I have been working my way to completing this months pattern which you voted on, during the March 3rd live video, for the #sewtofitMarfyChallenge.  I must admit, it is really hard not to share too much of the details of my progress with you on my IG account.  To help me stay excited and motivated, I may have dropped a small nugget of information about my sewing project onto my Instagram stories throughout the month.  Although, I made the rules, I find it really difficult to stick to them.  I began studying the pattern and preparing for the adjustments soon after you selected my assignment.   Here are the steps I took to make the adjustments needed.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Fitting of Marfy Pattern 5209: Monthly Marfy Challenge Ep. 2-Part 1

I wanted to share with you my pattern fitting process I did in preparation for Episode 2 of the video series, the "Monthly Marfy Challenge" which airs live on my YouTube channel. (Full details of the challenge is below.) The pattern you voted for me to sew is Marfy 5209, a gorgeous shirt with insets and neck ties which are part of the collar band. I love a button down!

Friday, February 08, 2019

To Italy and Back- Challenges that Forge Friendships & a Pair of Pants

I thought I might share a pant and fabric review and a story of my long vacation to Italy I took with a fellow fashionista, Becki. 
This vacation is what lead me to want to do something on my YouTube channel that would bring all the memories back like a flood. I wanted to do a "VLog" of my vacation.  Lately, I have been in the need for a good walk down memory lane.  I know there are other places in the world that cause the feelings a trip to Italy can bring.  But, we will just start with Italy for now.  Particularly, the Province of Ferrara, Italy. 

Friday, February 01, 2019

New Series: Monthly Marfy Pattern Challenge

Introducing a new Sew-To-Fit LIVE video series: The Monthly Marfy Pattern Challenge. In this series, sponsored by Sew Much Fabric, my new Co-Host Becki Chitwood, and I will challenge one another to complete an outfit each month using a pattern. Your participation during this Live Webcast, will be to decide what pattern we will sew each month, via voting during the live show. The show will be the first Saturday of each month, beginning this Saturday, February 2nd @ 8pm CST. This show is a fun challenge, in addition to my regular Saturday Night Sew-To-Fit Live Webcast.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Fitting a Blouse with Raglan Sleeves and a Portrait Collar Neckline

In this video I demo how to fit a raglan sleeve blouse with a portrait collar so it won't gap and pull. I continue the fitting series in this live video with how to use your #sloper or TNT pattern Block when fitting your commercial Patterns.  The pattern being demonstrated in this video is the McCalls 6286 (oop) that I have wanted to make for ages.

Please NOTE:  This video will actually Premiere on Saturday, 1/26/2018... I will be live in the chat with you, as we watch together and discuss the details of the demonstration.  Please set your reminder.

You can also check out the latest videos in the fitting series playlist to catch up on other fitting video I have done lately.


Online Courses with Andrea:
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Customized Patterns: 20% Discount code:  sewtofit20-

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Newsletters and Saturday Night Live Webcast- Are you missing something?

"Saturday Night Live Webcast"

I considered not sharing a copy of the last email newsletter which went to my subscribers only. However, I figured I’d let you know there is a conversation going every week, that you may want to join.  If you don’t want to miss our private conversations,you can participate here::  Join the SewToFit conversation...
Newsletter 1/17/2019
Thanks to everyone for checking in on the livestream last weekend. I hadn't realized how much you enjoyed these Saturday night livestreams on youtube. You showing up, tells me I must be doing something right!
The next webcast is this Saturday, 1/19/2019 @ 8pm CST. (Set your reminder.)
Webcast Thumbnail
Saturday Night Live Webcast...1/19/2019
This week we are discussing the "Jasmine" tunic pattern design from the new "Let's Design" Video Series. If you missed it, here's the link for you to catch up before we go live: Designing a Tunic Top
IMG 0606

This week on the blog:

If you haven't seen this little number, it was on the blog last week. I discussed how I took it from a "maternity" dress for my daughter-n-law, to a well fitted tee-shirt dress for myself. More on this will also be discussed on the webcast.
IMG 0090

What you missed:

If you missed the last email, which contained the free Angie Vest pattern, don't worry, more patterns are coming up the pike. You will need to check your email regularly for these random pattern giveaways. They will happen often.
IMG 0992

Links to remember:

--To schedule a call with me:
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Until next time, see you on the other side of the internet!!