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Fitting of Marfy 6253: Monthly Marfy Challenge Ep. 4-Part 1 (May)

Hello again everyone.  I'm excited to share the latest Marfy pattern fitting discussion.  This dress is the third installation of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge , that I started back in February, on my youtube channel.   I can't believe I have gotten board yet.  I really hope you have enjoyed these post.  I enjoy a challenge, yes I do, and this one was that challenge! I sewed the Marfy 6253 that you all voted on during the Saturday evening live-stream .  (See details below.) In the above picture, I thought is good to show me in the muslin to give you an idea how my dress looked void of all color.  We tend to see only the fabric in most cases. I did the pattern review on the video from last Saturday's live-stream reveal on my channel.  You don't have to watch, that is quite fine.  Just know it will be a while before I get to the full review here on the blog. Pattern Description: This dress has a central fastening, inset armholes, a V-neckline with strip collar, the da

Episode 4: Pattern Review and Reveal- Marfy 6253 and Marfy 6180

Today is the day for the May Marfy challenge reveal.  Becki and I will be reviewing our April Marfy sewing projects on Episode 4, tonight, Saturday,  I had a great time fitting this lovely dress The April’s pattern for me was Marfy 6253 and for Becki, it was Marfy 6180.  We will be doing our "Sew-N-Tell" tonight on my YouTube Channel, LiVE at 8pm Central USA.  Don't forget to set your reminders, so you can come and vote on next months' challenge pattern and weigh-in on how you feel about the makes.  We really do love having you live to chat with us. This challenge has been educational and fun, and has taught me a great deal about how Marfy patterns are drafted. I have serious respect for their attention to details and the small, almost unnoticeable fitting details they have hand drafted into these patterns.  Some of the lines are so minor, but make a great deal of difference.  If you don't pay attention you would easily cut out these fine details whil