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Marfy-Sewalong2019 LIVE Update and Q&A. Welcome back!!

WELCOME BACK!!! We are looking forward to you coming on live tonight (Sept. 7th @7pm Central) with your questions and chat about the current #sewtofitmarfysewalong as part of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge ---Becki and I will be answering your questions and discussing our upcoming plans for your continued involvement in the Marfy Challenge for Season 2. See you on the livestream!! Click here if you don't see the video: Our Marfy Sewalong is underway. Let’s talk plans and answer your questions. #sewtofitMarfySewAlong2019 has begun. Becki and I are back and well rested from a great summer break. USE #sewtofitmarfychallenge @sewmuchfabric @sewtofit and @bekichitwood on Instagram to enter the giveaway Giveaway will be announced on the first week of October. PRIZES: 1- $50 gift certificate from @sewmuchfabric 2- Marfy Catalogue 3- Pattern from Marfy 4- Bonus 1hour Private Fitting consultation with @sewtofit $55 value Sewalong Videos to