Saturday, December 12, 2020

My Favorite Fitting Books -"24 Days of Pattern Fitting VLOGMAS"

I have been LIVE-Streaming on my Youtube channel everyday for the 1st 24 days of December.  I call this series: "24 Days of Pattern Fitting #Vlogmas2020" Today is my Favorite Books.

It has really been quite fun to engage with everyone who shows at such an early time in the mornings to participate.  I hope you have been taking a look at the videos to see what be cracking on the channel. 

Today, I am discussing my favorite fitting books, and decided to use this post as a landing page for that list of books.  There are many that I will not have time to review on one video, yet I hope you will get the one idea, that every problem cannot be solved by one technique. There is no magic "fitting pill" for your body, your taste, nor your style.  

I hope these videos will get you started on your way to a better understanding of patterns, which will in turn lead you to a better understanding of fit.

This is my Amazon shop that has the complete list of my books for now that should help you to see what I use, as well as be great if you could please use my links to help support my efforts via the affiliate links found in the list.

Thanks for your time, and happy fitting.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

A message to you..

 Happy 😊 day and blessings in your language. This video message is for all of you!!

I am so very appreciative of all the “why’s” you fill for me. I am thankful for all the support, the trust and the fun you bring to my world.
Have a great day and tell somebody you love them!!

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Sew-Along Part 2: Mini Wardrobe Series- Butterick 6600- Fitting the pattern, cutting and sewing a T-Shirt or Dress

Happy Saturday Sew-Fitters,

OMG, I am in love with this T-Shirt. My plans really were only to make this pattern for the sewAlong, since I normally use my own sloper/block to create my t-shirts and such. But every pattern has a little something, something to make you feel special. I guess there is always a treat. This pattern, has that oversized 1" v-neck collar band. A little tricky to get right at first, but once you master that front v-neck, you will be happy you took the time to work it out.
I used a double top-stitch, on the cover stitch machine and I even managed to turn the corner. I'm still working on that clean finish technique. It's almost like using a double needle to top-stitch, which was a feat in itself. Not all perfect, but remember, I'll never reach my perfection, it's too flawed in and of itself. So in this case, I'll accept the beautiful outcome of my best efforts. Who said I was a master of all....?, #sewtofitalong
The pattern called for a minimum of 35% stretch fabric. I used my favorite jersey from Sew Much Fabric, a rayon jersey, which has 75% stretch factor. It's just thick enough, at 11oz, to have the opacity I want, plus has wonderful drape and recovery. This one is a really pretty heathered denim look. I should have enough to create the bottoms during this sew-along. If not, I'll just make shorts or a skirt since she doesn't have this color anymore. Of course, I have plenty others in my collection from which to choose. LOL.. who doesn't have a "collection?"
You can skip ahead in the video to watch the sewing steps I followed to complete the t-shirt and test the fit, including how I completed the sleeves and neckline.

The length is perfect as well, considering I lengthened the pattern 2 1/2 inches total. Part of the length was at the actual waist and 1" at the hem. I cut a size medium based off the pattern finished measurements, and then proceeded to increase the sides accordingly using the pivot & slide method of pattern adjustments. Most adjustments were made in the areas necessary to fit the section of my body. So, basically, if you asked me what size I cut, I would say.... My Size.
  • 3/8" at the bust front & back
  • 1" at the front waist only, 2.25" at hip back only.
  • Forward shoulder adjustment,
  • Sleeves were adjusted quite a bit to get the look I wanted.
    • 1" increase
    • cut 3/4 length instead of short or long
    • trimmed back edge to smooth out the back.
All the full sewing details for this portion of the sewalong are detailed pretty in-depth in the video.
If you have not been following, this is part of the Mini-Wardrobe Series Sew-Along for Butterick 6600.

Thanks for keeping up with the process.  Please tag #sewtofitalong or comment on the video to let me know if you are keeping up with the process.  

Until next time,
...keep sewing.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Sew-Along Part 1- 4-B and Mini Wardrobe Series- Butterick 6600

Welcome back everyone,

Today is the beginning of a new Sew-Along, aka Sew-To-FitAlong I'm hosting on my youtube channel.  All the videos will be posted there and this blog post will serve as a "landing page" of sorts for all the links, notions and fabric information and all the required additional tips as I see a need to add during the process.  

The Fit-Along Series is broken down into five parts which will be posted to my youtube channel each Thursday.  All the videos will be in one playlist so you can access each part when you are ready.  Each week's video will be made public on the dates listed below:

Part 1 - Introduction, fabric, notions, sewing plans, what to expect 

Part 2 - T-shirt and dress View B & C (Fit/cut/sew)  (Blog Post)

Part 3 - Pants (View E) (Fit/Cut/Sew) (Video)

Part 4a - Jumpsuit Pattern Fitting and Redesign (View D) (Fit, Redesign & Cut)

Part 5 - Jacket (View A) (Fit/Cut/Sew) TBA

I will, of course be making pattern modifications to mine in the interim as we work through the fit-along.   (You are welcome to checkout my Patreon Page for information about additional videos that will help with sewing this project.

Fabrics:  most are detailed and explained in the videos.

*Sew Keys-e tape

*Rayon (11oz) jerseys (

*matte jerseys

*Sweater knits, etc.

Notions:  - 

**30” Separating Zipper -  (Sew Much Fabric: 

**28" Separating Zippers

**Sew keys-e

**1  1/4 Yards of 3/4" Elastic

**Two Hook and eyes closures for the Jumpsuit 

** hem tape

Related Video links:

***How to Sew a Sleeve in a Knit Top and T-Shirt

***T-Shirt making- Hem & Side seams

***How to fit a Cardigan- Tissue Fitting for sewing Knits fabric

Related Blog post:  

—- Jens Palazzo pants

—-Palazzo pants

—-Moms jumpsuit: This post will show how I tested all the fabric samples and stitches on the serger/overlock.

—-White T-shirt 2015 McCall’s 6355


Take the time to test several stitches in order to create the optimum seam finishes for your fabric and project before you start stitching.

Also, test the stretch percentage of your chosen fabric as I describe in the video.  Here are a couple pictures that will get you started with an example.

I hope you plan to participate.  

Thanks for reading the blog.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Project Chronicles: Butterick 6680- My everyday Dress look....

Good afternoon Sew-Fitters,
I'm happy to finally share this look with you.  By finally, I mean, sit down and type this post.  As it seems, for some reason, I am more inclined lately to share on my blog.  I feel warm and fuzzy on my blog, with less of the need to keep to a few finely curated words, #hashtag-s or sentences. Here, I can just type uninhibited by limitations.  That sorta breaks the flow.  Do you feel that way sometimes? 

Moving on.... 
This look is one I sewed as part of my wardrobe plans from more than a year ago.  Having a nice guiding principle, my own taste, is a good way to determine what to make, and know that whatever it is, will fit my lifestyle.   I prefer the Boho and Urban chic look.  A little sporty with a whole lot of sassy.  I suppose we all are continually improving our wardrobes for the lifestyle we live.  However, for me at this time, I love wearing dresses or sporty looks, even if it is with a pair of white chucks or flats.  My secret sauce is a good comfy dress.  This dress is made for all day wear, with a quick run to, OH...let me think....the mailbox or the doctors, or whatever else we do nowadays.  In my case, family and friends houses.    
Let's get into the details shall we...  The pattern is Butterick 6680, if you haven't gathered that from the title of this post.  A very nicely placed godet inset and minimal side gathering on the front and back at the waist would describe this dress as a very foxy number for a date.  For, me however, this is uniform wear, and great to wear under a cozy sweater or let those "guns" we call biceps shine true.  (STOP!!..don't you dare zoom in on my arms.  Just trust me, they are there.)

True to who I am, I also enjoyed the fun of filming my process for the fitting (part 1)  and the sewing (part 2)  on my youtube channel.   You can check out the fitting video details.
or the sewing process video and full information in this video:  
The dress is actually very deceiving as for per the look and fit.  I Think the envelope as per usual, doesn't give it just at all.  I've had it in my "to sew" box for a couple years now.  It is very lovely.  If you aren't into the shorter version, I really think it would be gorgeous as a solid color maxi/floor length as well.  I do not like big flowing maxi's.  I like this to actually skim very closely to my body, and then flow out from the hips.  This does just that, with the added Godet.  

I cut View B, with the following adjustments:
  • shortened it by 2 inches below the gathers and through the godet above the flounce.
I got a question on my channel as to what a godet really is, thus this definition is warranted for those who inquire:
      • A godet is an extra piece of fabric in the shape of a circular sector which is set into a garment, usually a dress or skirt. The addition of a godet causes the article of clothing in question to flare, thus adding width and volume. The most popular use of godets is in petticoats. Wikipedia
      •  noun
        1. a triangular piece of material inserted in a dress, shirt, or glove to make it flared or for ornamentation.
          "a blue godet skirt"
  • Cut the upper portion a size 16 and in to a size 14 at the waist with a..
  • forward should adjustment and 
  • shortened the armhole band by 2 inches to create a snugger fit
I'm really very satisfied with the look and feel of this dress.  The lightweight rayon jersey I got a couple years ago from is perfect for lifting my spirits.  I feel like I'm on the beach somewhere far away from the impending chill of "winter".  Lol.

Thanks for reading,
I hope the best for your projects.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sewing Room Tour and Organization and Video Production Studio

Welcome to the blog everyone, thanks for reading.  
Today is finally the day I am not embarrassed to share my Sewing room tour and video production setup on my channel. 

Sewing Room Tour
I don't know how many of you have been following my process, but it has been a long ride to get to this point.  To save you the boredom, here is the playlist to all the work that has gone into the process.  These would include:
  1. Replacing the carpet for one,
  2. Sorting and organizing the books
  3. Determining just how much fabric I have acquired (more organization is still needed)
  4. Making it easier to LIVE-Stream on youtube, and film youtube videos without tripping over wires and having bad crappy visuals.
  5. Creating a welcoming space for students and customers.
  6. Creating a photo area so I can get those pictures to social media...I have way too much to do, then to be "chasing" the sun for outdoor pictures.  I need to move on to the next project and still take care of my house.
  7. and....a myriad of other changes
I've come a long way from this setup in a 10x11 foot room back in 2007 to now...below.

To now, in a 15x18" studio loft, which is my dream studio.  I guess I'm really not an empty nester now.  I have created my own nest.  All I need to do is bring my small refrigerator back in so I don't need to run for water all the time.
tag board pattern storage hangers and door
I current still would like to have better rack on the wall to hold my pattern.  I don't want anything else that uses floor space.

sewing thread racks, ikea drawer and kallax storage system
This are is great for my photo back drop, and fabric plus pattern storage.

dress for with Burda style jacket, hp 9010 copier/fax machine, container store rolling cart and Ikea drawer system for sewing pattern storage.
The rolling filming table is great for when I do private FaceTime fitting tutorial with students.

Cutting table, sewing books and Ikea kallix organizer with container store hanging wall storage with drawers and shelves.
This section of the room is storage as well as a great backdrop for my tutorial based youtube videos when I need my overhead camera.

Livestream equipment and apple imac computer with elgato switcher and overhead video mount with Logitech webcam and extension
This is the view from the back when I'm filming.  The iMac is my personal monitor and LIVE-Stream YT assistant.

Container store shelving organization with drawers
This is your view when you watch my videos on the Tube.

Bernina sewing machine, Bernina serger, juki industrial sewing machine, jenome coverstitch
The production are is here, and a few hidden cameras, make it ease for me to record my sewing process as well.

Bernina sewing machine, Bernina serger, juki industrial sewing machine, jenome coverstitch
Sewing machines and sewing machines.

Bernina sewing machine, Bernina serger, juki industrial sewing machine, jenome coverstitch

You can read more about prior attempts to this dilemma in previous blog post with pictures. Here are a few that show how far I have come and how much of a difference there is now with just changing the carpet. 
The previous love hate relationship with my old carpet.

Thanks for reading and especially, thanks for watching my videos.  It really helps my channel and increases my "youtube" score.  
Talk soon,

Monday, August 03, 2020

Marfy Remnant Challenge 2020 and SewAlong: Collaboration

Hello Everyone: 

I am excited about this new project, the Marfy Remnant Challenge.  I am collaborating with Ann @youtiquebridal as an extension of the original 2019 #sewtofitmarfychallenge. This sewing project evolved from the two of us being winners of this Marfy Pattern # 0116 at our Sewing Fashionistas 10 year Anniversary Christmas Party, back in December 2019 . It was hosted, as one of our yearly holiday gatherings for our group, by Rosalind @sewmuchfabric!

Although, Ann discusses the full details in the video below,  I'm adding the information here to help you stay up to date on the schedule and videos we will be posting during the month. 

We both welcome you to participate in this "creative" fun project.  Challenging ourselves to use remnant fabrics to create this pattern and see how we could express ourselves.  It is a project to help us get through this Covid Event and keep our minds and bodies occupied.  We invited our fellow Sewing Fashionistas as well as our sewing community to join us on this journey.  As Ann and I were sharing ideas, this project happened to fall nicely into the annual Marfy Challenge as well. Here are the guidelines shared during our Sewing Fashionistas Zoom meetup on Saturday, July 25th.

#sewtofitmarfychallenge, youtube video thumbnail with ann @youtiquebridal and andrea @sewtofit

Official Start Date: August 1, 2020 - End Date: When you say so...This SewAlong is meant to be fun and innovative for all to participate. There are no specific pattern expectations, except to have fun and be creative.  I will personally try and finish this project by the end of August.  My video schedule is listed below.

Although we are using this free Marfy #0116 Tunic Pattern, you are welcome to use any pattern that you would like during this challenge. We both won this pattern during our 2019 Holiday Group Party and Fashion Show. If you have access to the pattern, please join in, or use what you have. Pull out those fabric remnants and let's be creative. 

Important Links and Dates:
Use this blog post as a landing page to keep you in the know on all the "internet" activities. I will be posting and updating links to the videos from myself and Ann during the month. I will also be uploading YouTube videos on my channel to help with fitting and live project discussions and tips.  With the regular pattern fitting tutorials and the Live-Stream updates, and sewing demos during the month, I hope it will help you work through the more "technical" side of the process, so you can be creative.  Tutorial links will be added as they become available.

Follow my Process: 

Live-Streams on Saturdays @6pm CST, during August.

I will also be a guest on Ann's IG-Live, in which she drills me (discuss's) the challenge each week beginning this Friday, August 7th and moving forward. You can follow Ann's Instagram Highlights and her YouTube channel for replays of our IG live chats.  She will be going live on Fridays at 1pm CST(USA) during the month:

Ann's Dates to Remember:

Ann's Youtube channel is YouTique Bridal and Lifestyle.

Here are a few other links to keep you in the know:
My YouTube Channel Playlist:  View full playlist
Ann's YouTube Channel: YouTique Bridal & Lifestyle
Sewing Fashionistas Facebook Page: Sewing Fashionista’s Facebook Page.

Tutorials and Extra Related Videos:
How to Sew A rolled Hem

Thanks for watching, and please subscribe for more regular video updates and discussions on my Youtube Channel: Sew-To-Fit By ADLynn 

I'm looking forward to seeing what you all create.


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Creativity Challenge- The Remnant Challenge #remnantchallenge starts on Friday!

Hello Sew-Fitters:
Let's have a new challenge and SewAlong.  This challenge, pinned #remnantchallenge by my fellow fashionista is an extension of the #sewtofitmarfychallenge started last year.  I have decided to make it a yearly August Sewalong for all and my Youtube channel.  As for the Sew-To-Fit patrons, you will of course receive much more than what I can reasonably provide on YouTube, including extended video fitting instructions and Q&As as usual.  

For everyone, I have already began recording and uploading videos for this #remnantchallenge which I am collaborating on with Ann Ngo of Youtique Bridal.  She explains all the details in the video which is linked in the description of the tutorial.  Go check it out and join in the fun! 

Here's the video link: and the Patron Blog post for you to check out.  If you will be needing the pattern, I need you to follow me on patreon so I can give you a copy of the traced pattern if you don't have access to the catalogue, since it's no longer on the website.

I'm looking forward to having you join the fun!!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Project Chronicles- Wrap Top Design inspiration- (MCCall's 7892)

Hello again folks.... This week is another Project chronicled from my Sew & Chat LIVE with Sew-To-Fit live-streamed via my youtube channel. During this Sew & Chat project, I sewed this stylized wrap top inspired by Keke Palmer, whom I caught while watching the morning show. You may have already seen it pop up on my instagram account. I'm trying ya'll! My assistant is new at multi-tasking. LOL.

—-PATTERN- McCall’s 7892 👚 with modifications.
The skirt will be sewn again and blogged later. I have a few things to say about that one.

—-FABRIC- Red Egyptian Cotton that I purchased from Sew Much Fabric
___Although, I try to list every modification I make to my projects, sometimes I make more even while I'm cutting. A simple slight of the hand.
  • Rotated the shoulder gathers to form the side bust dart.
  • At the waist I created tucks instead of gathers, and embedded a dart inside the tucks.
    Then... I
  • changed the sleeve to create a puff / bishop design.
  • Lengthened the bodice to my preference. The original McCall’s pattern was extremely “cropped”.
Anyway, watch the beginning of the video for more fitting details. I know it’s long, but it's just the part where I only detail the fitting and alterations of the pattern to get it to look like this. This was a two part video since the changes and sewing were so involved. 

You can watch the entire video here:::

Theater night with my BFF.
I enjoyed wearing my outfit to the showing of "The Color Purple" as a treat for my sister's birthday.  We had an absolute wonderful time.
Thanks again for following along as I document my makes for the projects I sew during my Youtube live-streams.  There is still many follow-up post to come with pictures, as I work to catch up on the long list of projects to Chronicle here on the blog.  Have a great week.

Sewtofit Live Sew & Chats are an extension of my custom sewing projects, Private Patron Sew-To-Fit Alongs, and personal wardrobe building projects. ***These live-streams are meant to build community and give me the chance to enjoy my craft in the company of others. Consider these videos an online sewing guild, sew with me, watch or just listen. There may be moments of silence but these is always something to see. Please enjoy 😉 #sewingcommunity #sewingproject #sewinglive

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Project Chronicles: Style Arc Wallis Pant

These pants were very easy to make....with only 2 pattern pieces, this should be on everyones list of stylish non-leggings pants.  I sewed these live as part of my Live Sewing series on my YouTube channel.

The side seam is moved forward creating a really nice curve along the hip.  This I think, gives the illusion of smaller hips. I did my best I modeling the side seam..  It was not easy to show the seam with the red fabric. Which, by the way, I bought this red Ponte Roma from back in 2019, when she got it in stock. Oh, how many projects I have for this red fabric.  Even though I know this years color is a version of blue, I have been missing some red in my wardrobe for way too long.  (Stay Tuned)
The picture below is how I install the elastic at the waist.  This isn't the way the instructions suggest, but I need my elastic waist to be "flat" under a top.


  • Pull-on Ponte pant with front design line by Style ARC, I purchased the Single size 14. found here:
  • I increased the crotch extension in the back
  • Took some of the curve out of the side seam by, taking away from the front panel and adding to the back panel at the hips.
  • Added to the back legs to allow for perturbing calves.
  • Raised the back crotch length at the center back for more coverage.
—-The FULL Fitting TUTORIAL at Which shows all Pattern modifications detailed in an extended video tutorial.

The video shows the complete sewing of these pants using only the sewing machine, no serger or coverstitch. 

 I first sewed these pants to go along with my Izzy Miaki top.

"Sew-To-Fit Live Sew & Chats are an extension of my custom sewing projects, Private Patron Sew-To-Fit Alongs, and personal wardrobe building projects. Beginners to Advanced will find these videos helpful. There is always something to see and learn. Please enjoy "😉 #howtosew #sewingproject #beginnersewing

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Project Chronicles- Monthly Marfy Challenge: Marfy 6180

Let's have a final recap shall we?  I really had not mentioned the #sewtofitmarfychallenge Challenge for a long while. I bet you thought I just let it fall by the wayside.  Nope...I just procrastinated.  I thought this would be a great time to fill you in on what has transpired the last few months.  I can't believe I sewed five (5) garments for this challenge and still managed to take care of my regular responsibilities.

This was a hard challenge, just to be honest.  Have you participated in a challenge that requires a new garment and review, using a Marfy pattern?  I did a video review of the last garment, Marfy 6180.  I made this one for the Sew-Along which was done in September through October, last year.  Planning, writing instructions, filming videos and of course sewing was not easy for me.  Thus, I was hopeful that more people would participate.  However, I discovered that several of you found that #sewtofitmarfychallenge Marfy Patterns were really difficult.  I am grateful for those who did participate.

If you question whether I will continue or move forward with more #sewtofitmarfychallenge sewing videos or post, the answer is maybe.  Most likely, I will try to only do a one month sewing challenge for you to participate in, instead of making it a two person challenge with multiple videos and instruction downloads.  Of course the challenge will be run from my YouTube channel.  So, stay posted.

For now, I want to show you my last outfit, which I made for the Sew-Along.