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This Week on YouTube: October 16th- October 23rd, 2021

 This Week on YouTube :  October 16th- October 23rd, 2021 Tuesday- Sewing the final Clueless Jacket Part 3.  In this livestream Sew & Chat, I will be working on the completion of this iconic fun jacket for my granddaughter.  I invite you to join the process as I work to add the lining and the final touches of the jacket. This Sew & Chat will go begin Tuesday at 5pm CST. Wednesday - Sewing the Clueless Pleated skirt & vest.  This livestream will consist of sewing the last to parts of the outfit from the movie “Clueless”.  Let’s see just how far we get with this fun project.  The pleated skirt is a simple yoked skirt with the front pleats only.  This Sew & Chat will go begin Wednesday at 4pm CST.   Friday - Sewing Halloween: The Wizard of Oz… Let’s have some fun sewing costumes for the grand-toddlers.  At least come check out the progress.  Who knows, your wishes may all come true. Let me know what you’re sewing.  This Sew & Chat wil

The Misty Knit Top Sew-along 2021

Misty Top Sew-Along: January 202 The Misty Top Sew-Along has begun:    an original pattern by Andrea of Sew-To-Fit by ADLynn  You can keep up with the SewAlong on my YouTube channel and by email here. The Email Newletter  will be your best updates for all the post included during any of my sewalongs and pattern updates.   Details: The sewing begins January 11- and runs through February 6th, 2021 Videos will be uploaded during the week and discussed on my Saturday YouTube Livestream , which airs at 6pm Saturdays. January 23, 2021 will be a Misty Top- "Sew & Chat" LIVE-Stream on YouTube at 6pm as per my regular "Sew-turday" Night Lives. Each Saturday will include some sewing and design tips as well.  Get your pattern  here :    Sew-To-Fit Misty Top Group fitting help will be during the Patron monthly Q&A on Wednesday, January 20th at 3pm CST (USA). (You are welcome to join Team SewToFit. What to Expect: In this sew-along, we will be... Reviewing the pattern pi